The Future of Beauty
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


A headline like the Future of Beauty would predictably lead to an article about the latest technological breakthrough for facial devices or products...But, no, it’s not a product or technology that the future of beauty brings. 

It is Consciousness--The most powerful technology that lives inside every one of our cells/selves.

It’s actually already here in Big Beauty with the beauty giant, CoverGirl, dropping it’s Easy, Breezy, Beautiful slogan, in favor of “I Am What I Makeup” 

This speaks directly to our innate power of creating ourselves from the inside out. 

It starts with our thoughts. “I AM”, and continues with engaging our biology to create exactly who we want to be.

I AM are two of the most powerful words in the world.

From Jesus, to Saint Germaine, to modern televangelist Joel Osteen; they have all extolled the power of claiming what we want to experience by using the words, I AM. 

The magic of these two little words is using them to create yourself from the inside, out.

So, it is then- that I AM is to be conscious of our SELF.

Awake to our selves/cells and awake to the power we have in both word and deed.

No longer victim to forces outside ourselves, but consciously co-creating our experience of life.

For the past 75 years, the industry of beauty has been built on you seeking this power outside yourself-- in bottles, devices, needles and knives.

There was a time before that, that women practiced the rituals of their families and/or tribes.

Different colors of skin and climates each having their own secrets and ancestral ways.

Currently the landscape of the professional beauty industry is still caught under the spell of outside forces.

The conversation is still, primarily, about what we can use on the outside of our skin to change how we look and feel.

The disconnect seems obvious to me.

Certainly we can change the appearance of our skin with concentrated, active topical formulas.

I should know, I sell some of the best in the world 

Yet, in order to have this improved outer layer of skin to also help me feel an emotion, something more is required.

It was in this spirit that I created the daily I AM Ritual, a daily product application ritual, that brings together the powers of:

  • Ingredients
  • Intention
  • Imagination
  • Awareness
  • Affirmation
  • Acknowledgment
  • Massage
  • Mindfulness 
  • Mirror work

All of these components and energies come together in one powerful minute in the mirror and can change your life and skin.

Practicing this every time you apply products in the mirror, will create new neural pathways for the beliefs you are installing with the affirmation. It increases the penetration and efficacy of your products, increases cellular respiration and nutrition, PLUS strengthens your telomeres (the end caps protecting your DNA strands) 

Liminal Question:

What would your world be like if you felt radically comfortable in your own skin? 

Not reacting from past patterns, nor living in the shadow of future events.

Not seeing the constant reminder of stress and tension being reflected back to you in the mirror, by your skin?

You would be TimeLight.

TimeLight is my answer to anti-aging and my gift to you.

TimeLight is the state of being radically present with yourself without points of views about the past or future.

TimeLight is the experience of dissolving the patterns from the past that are showing up on your skin in the present. 

TimeLight is the practice of consciously connecting to, and creating with your expanded self.

To be TimeLight is to opt-out completely from this culture’s obsession with age and all the meaning and belief attached to them.

Our points of view create our reality.

Who would you be without your projections and rejections about age?

TimeLight is a product line, a mindset and a framework for perceiving, receiving and expressing the greatest potency of you.

TimeLight is also a one of-a-kind Facial Experience.

A total immersion experience of frequencies, topical Skin Nutrition and sensory activations that attune you to your inner codes of regeneration and agelessness-plus leave you with the most gloriously radiant skin of your dreams.

Are you ready to step into the driver’s seat of your experience of beauty and your Self?

Ready to see your outer reflection change, when your inner beliefs shift?

Ready to step in the future of beauty?

Drop me a line at and let’s discuss your beautiful possibilities.
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