woman with botox needle getting injectiions

Why I stopped doing Botox (it's not what you think)

It's not what you think. I’m not going to guilt or shame you into believing Botox is wrong, dangerous or shameful. In fact, I am pro-Botox when used to treat headaches, extreme sweating, and even dramatic facial expression lines. So, why am I swearing it off?

Because It makes me look old. Yes, you read that right...

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Embracing our Imperfections

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professional cleanser and toner

Does the world need another skincare product?

It seems I see "the new best skincare product" or a new skin care line announced almost daily. A new breakthrough wrinkle fighter. A cleaner product line. A safer skincare line. A celebrity product line. A cheap line, a luxury line, an organic line... The list goes on.