The Trifecta Wand



The Trifecta Wand by Love Amy Signature Skincare is designed to firm and lift your facial contours - while also helping all the nutrients in your facial products penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. This professional-grade device uses microcurrent and LED technology for effective facial firming without time-consuming office visits or painful injections.

Recommended for women struggling with sagging and wrinkled skin.

I recommend pairing The Trifecta Wand with my Transforming Gel Mask, as it helps the device slide smoothly over the skin while the microcurrents and LED lights do the restorative work.


This device is about 6” long, and comes with a convenient USB charger and stand. It has multiple settings to lift, tone and penetrate your facial products. It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation when using this tool.

How to use:

Start on lowest setting and glide upwards and outwards in long stroking movements. Increase intensity as desired.

Can I use this if I’m pregnant?


PLEASE NOTE: This device is not for anyone with a pacemaker or experiencing facial nerve pain.