Virtual Mirror Session


TimeLight Mirror Session

Imagine feeling beautiful when you look in the mirror, and at the same time powerfully connected to your inner beauty and radiance in a way that creates a never-ending fountain of self-sourced energy and flow.

  • Without constantly getting injections, laser treatments, or medispa appointments.
  • Without spending money on products that don't work and aren’t right for your skin.
  • Without judging yourself where you are now.
  • Without having to spend money on a separate success or energy coach.
  • And without worrying about the past or the future.

    It's Time to Shine Your Light and Activate Your Ageless™

    There is a huge problem facing women who are experiencing aging, and who use products, have devices, learn techniques, and get treatments.

    These are only tools. 

    You need a blueprint.

    A way to connect and direct your inner self-image, which is the portrait you have taken of yourself.

    This virtual session will teach you my 3 pillars of radiance and will activate your unique beauty blueprint for a lifetime.

    This session includes a complete work-up and wardrobing of your existing products, customized AM, PM, and Weekly Rituals, access to premium recorded content to support the integration, and a personalized TimeLight Pulse, my signature guided beauty activation. This session also comes with a 20% gift code to use within one month of the session in the online shop.

    Think of this as an investment in education that will save you thousands of dollars and waste in your lifetime.

    Skin Nutrition:
    I will review your existing products and wardrobe them and I will identify any holes.
    I will make recommendations if I feel called to, and if they happen to be from my product lines, you will receive a 20% code for my online store to use within 1 month.

    I may also recommend items from the health food store or another high-quality line.

    I will take all of this information and the awareness you share with me during this session and create morning, evening, and weekly rituals for you to follow for the rest of the season.

    Light Frequencies
    You will be introduced to your fractal nature as a spark for the infinite and divine and I will share with you how to incorporate this radiant light into your life on a daily basis.

    You will experience a personalized TimeLight Pulse- guided beauty meditation- that activates your individual beauty blueprint and will be recorded for you to listen to as often as desired and use along with your rituals. 

    Cellular Communication & Embodiment:
    You will be introduced to your 80 trillion cells and 1500 + mitochondria that inhabit each one. I will teach you how to communicate with your inner community and how to activate a deep well-th of inner currency.

    This is a two-hour virtual session.

    Once you purchase you will be given a link to book and a link to a consultation form to complete and entrance to the TimeLight Mirror Session foundations course that is included with the live session.