The Ageless Ritual


A Light, Frequency, and Nutrition-Based Blueprint & Ritual for Ageless Energy and Skin.

Restore your radiance on every layer and level of mind, spirit, and skin.

Your Ritual Contains:

Three ultra-premium + high-performance skin nutrition formula exclusives

*These are not available for a single purchase outside of this ritual and are available as subscription items for members of the Ritual Society for replenishment.

-One multi-functional + sustainability-enhancing tool

-The Ageless Blueprint Training & Treasury.

-3 Special Virtual Events.

-The Ritual Society Facebook group

Activate Your Ageless™ with ultra-premium, high-performance, high-grade nutritive ingredients, with absolutely NO mystery chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.

    MultiFruit Restructuring Mask: My Professional-strength exfoliating enzyme mask gently turns over dead skin cells, without harsh chemicals or the discomfort & inflammation that can come with rough facial scrubs, peels, or lasers. ( RITUAL ONLY- This product is not available without training or by itself).

    2.5 OZ ($99)

    TimeLight Liquid Light Restorative Serum: Delivers highly concentrated and intelligent nutrients to regenerate your skin's tissues from life's stresses, patterns, and imprints.


    2 OZ ($250)

    TimeLight Illuminating Sleep Mask: Electrolytes and light language in a moisture-locking jelly base.

    2 OZ ($68)

    The Magic Wand from ZAQ: A five-frequency light and sound wand that firms, lifts, and energizes your skin cells. It stimulates micro-circulation and helps your skin absorb all the delicious nutrients in the accompanying formulas, so you feel (and see!) the maximum benefits of this facial treatment every single time.

    + The Light Code Command to use with it.


    The Ritual: Access to Monthly Group Trainings & Activations with one-on-one personalized guidance from Amy Guided Activations you'll listen to while you use the tools and do the mirror exercises. ( $1500)

    Magnify consciousness, release tension, and deeply activate your highest skin intentions and vision with the AYA light statement and command.

    Handy Tutorial Videos that'll teach you how to use each product & tool with leading-edge information that you won't find anywhere else on the internet.

    A helpful PDF guide that will walk you step-by-step through your facial treatment ritual.

    A custom TimeLight® Playlist to immerse you in good vibes and high frequencies from start to finish.

    Instant access to The Ritual Society, a closed Facebook Community for Members Only.