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Are you ready to shift into a light filled radiance that can’t be defined by years?

I’m here to help you shift powerfully into radiance and Activate Your Ageless™ with my transformative TimeLight Method.

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Enter into Reflection, and Activate Your Ageless™. Restore radiance and release visible years with my Signature one-on-one offering

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Amy Wall Timelight Retreat
Facial with Amy Wall

Beauty Wellness Facial

I am not currently taking any new clients for my facial work. The only way to work with me right now is a Mirror Session or in my 6 month Restorative Natural Facelift Program.

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Join AYA, a conscious beauty membership & community and learn Amy's energetic and holistic alternatives to cosmetic surgery, injections and inflammatory treatments. A system of restorative and regenerative beauty and self-worth. Beauty, Science + a touch of Magic.

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TimeLight Mirror Session

Imagine feeling beautiful when you look in the mirror, and at the same time powerfully connected to your inner beauty and radiance in a way that creates a never-ending fountain of self-sourced energy and flow.

This virtual session contains the 3 pillars of radiance and will activate your unique beauty blueprint for a lifetime.

Session includes a complete work-up and wardrobing of your existing products, customized am, pm and weekly rituals, access to premium recorded content to support the integration and a personalized TimeLight Pulse, my signature guided beauty activation. This session also comes with a 20% gift code to use within one month of the session.

Think of this as an investment in education that will save you thousands of dollars and waste in your lifetime.

Session investment: $700

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  • Without constantly getting injections, laser treatments or medispa appointments.
  • Without spending money on products that don't work and aren’t right for your skin.
  • Without judging yourself where you are now.
  • Without having to spend money on a separate success or energy coach.
  • And without worrying about the past or the future.

  • Enter into reflection and activate your ageless.

    TimeLight Beauty Wellness Facial Experience

    I have hand selected a group of certified professionals who are the stewards of the TimeLight Beauty Wellness Facial Experience.

    This skin to soul beauty session will awaken, energize and increase the currency and flow in all of your inner rivers, energetic channels and will activate deep currents of radiance with concentrated, small-batch Skin Nutrition, light frequencies, sound waves, gemstones, and love.

    This facial will brighten, tighten and lift your face without irritation or inflammation. Shed dead skin cells, beliefs, pigment, emotions, and anything else standing in the way of your most radiant you.

    Activate Your Ageless™ and experience a full spectrum glow from skin to soul.

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    Get Certified

    Are you a licensed esthetician that wants to uplevel her life and career and make the shift from technician to Beauty Wellness Guide? Get certified in Amy’s holistic modality, TimeLight and learn the art, science and practice of Deep Energetic Beauty. Become a highly valued Conscious Beauty Professional who attracts and works with their soul client’s mind, body, spirit, and skin.

    The TimeLight Pro Certification is a full back-bar of TimeLight Skin Nutrition (up to 35 treatments), Amy’s facial protocol, and an online training program within The Circle Community.

    You will be guided through learning Amy’s signature Consultation, the TimeLight facial, Guided Beauty Activation and Sales System with online modules, community, and monthly live Q& A sessions.

    This certification is by application only and includes an in person workshop that must be attended to complete the certification.

    Love Note

    A modeling contract took me to Paris in 1979 when I just turned 20. I started having regular facials at that time and have continued for the last 40 years. I have had facials, massages, healing treatments and hypnotherapy in many far off countries around the world; from all corners of Europe to multiple Caribbean islands, to Kenya, Morocco, India and beyond. As a professional model, I have experienced hundreds of treatments and at least as many products. If I could pick the best variety of wonderful treatments and products I could imagine, and roll them into one experience, that would be a facial with Amy. She skillfully combines her beautiful energy and guidance, a soothing environment and music, to set the tone for what one could only call a spiritual, meditative facial journey that you wish would go on for hours. The combination of the above, her Timelight treatment and her magical products, far surpass any other experience I have had in my many years of seeking the perfect facial from the inside out. I am so grateful at 60 to have Amy and Love Amy skincare to care for my skin and all-around well-being. I Love, Amy!

    Jennifer Linley Taylor

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    Amy Wall

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