Your Daily I AM Ritual

The key is Intention.

The best way to rejuvenate + preserve your skin is to start by using clean, freshly-blended, professional-grade skin care products every day.

But, your normal daily beauty routine could be doing so much more.

The key to experiencing the gorgeous skin transformation AND the strong confidence boost you’re seeking? (Hint: it’s NOT more trendy ingredients, painful injections, or invasive plastic surgery.) 

Intention is the one thing that will turn anyone’s normal skin care routine into a deeply healing ritual with permanent, positive effects.

Devote some intention (and attention) to the ingredient labels on the back of your skincare products. Begin to understand what’s actually in the products you use at home, and how specific ingredients create results. Check out my Ingredients Index to learn more.

Affirm positive truths about who you are, and how you feel, while applying your skincare products. This practice has a miraculous effect on the body’s ability to heal and transform itself. Your affirmation should follow the I AM format, for example, I am strong, I am radiant. I recommend saying one affirmation for your inner state, and one for your outer being.

Using professional facial massage techniques as part of your skin care routine is essential to reaching the deepest layers of the skin and deepening the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. By practicing my methodology, you will learn several professional-level massage techniques to use at home and have access to all the massage tools I use to enact total beauty transformation.

I’ve discovered that when we consciously choose to be present--intentionally activating the mind + spirit as we physically care for the skin--the healing effects are miraculously multiplied.

It’s easy to get into a consistent morning/evening skin care routine, right? You’ve probably been washing your face and applying cosmetics since you were in high school.

Most of us don’t think too much as we go through the motions; we let our minds wander to other things--to do lists, conversations from the day before, plans, worries, etc. This routine is often so habitual that we just do it without thinking-- without consciousness.

Interested in experiencing an amazing visible skin transformation even faster?