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Hi, I'm Amy.

From an early age, it has been my life’s mission to learn all the ways to FEEL beautiful, have more RADIANT skin, and most of all, deeply LOVE the woman I see in the mirror.

For women who are tired of society’s limited definition of what makes a woman beautiful.

Welcome… I’m Amy!

I know that as women, for us to truly feel comfortable in our own skin and beauty, we need a moment to pull away from the mainstream standards. Women need a space to infuse intention into their everyday routines and support in remembering their inner magic. You and I likely share many things in common, but the one I’d like to highlight is how society expects both of us to value ourselves solely through external validation. As if beauty is only skin deep and nothing more. This website is a sacred place where you have space to challenge and refine your beliefs in what makes you beautiful. I’ll be your guide along your journey, infusing each moment with health, wellness, and fresh ideas (and ingredients).

You’re still holding on to painful beauty beliefs…

And I’ll remind you that it’s not your fault. Women are often targets for fad diets, injections, fillers, invasive procedures, and questionable skincare trends. We’re told that we need these things to remain worthy, valuable, and beautiful.

Sometimes, we even punish ourselves with painful exercise routines, chemicals, or impossible diet restrictions, because we feel so guilty for not adhering to these standards.

So what’s the secret to radiant beauty?

With so many brands encouraging women to change themselves, I invite you to take a different approach to how you see yourself. It begins with realizing that you are constantly changing and going through cycles.

When seasons shift, your health and skin will require different care and nutrients. As your personal health ebbs and flows, you will need to adapt and honor those changes.

You can begin honoring yourself today by...

• Identifying what you’d like to balance in your skin and adjusting your skincare routine as needed.

• Being clear on what beauty expectations you really have.

• Learning what adjustments your body is yearning for, from the food you eat to your daily habits.

• Reframing your negative self-talk to a loving, gentle voice that is patient through your changes.

I know how hard it can be to grow older and feel like you’ve lost touch with your sense of beauty and its purpose.

After a long career in hospitality working alongside a pioneer of the organic and locally grown food movement, I made the lateral move from food to beauty. From the beginning of my career, I performed facials and created high-quality products that always seemed to mirror the art of creating a fine restaurant meal, with the finest quality ingredients combined in unique and delightful ways and with an intense focus on the impeccable guest experience.

Although I was reaching a pinnacle of success with my work in midlife, I found myself feeling disconnected from how I looked and felt--disenchanted with a career in beauty, and wondering if this was all there was. Mainstream culture defined my suffocating role as a middle-aged woman, insisting on the limitations that came with age, and it all became unbearable. Working within the bounds of the mainstream beauty industry became unacceptable. I questioned working in an industry that insists women look outside themselves for validation and a measure of worth, and I vowed to change things.

I knew there were more possibilities here, so I consciously chose to no longer participate in the judgment, fear, and scarcity that had permeated my life, my work, and the lives of so many women.

I was ready to start speaking my truth and start showing up for an exceptional and phenomenal life.

I had:
• Experience working with, and being mentored by the best formulating doctors, scientists, and labs in the world.
• A deep commitment and steadfast mission to help other women like me experience the feeling of beautiful, radiant skin and loving who they see in the mirror.
• National recognition and awards for bein g the Best Skin Expert in the US (Winner of the Skin Games 2016)

All it took was a subtle shift, a different perspective, and a remembrance of who I truly was.

A brave step up, into the visible light of sharing my work with the world so you can experience it, and share your soul’s purpose with the world too. 

How to REALLY use the products

Yes, the products I sign my name to are the purest, most concentrated, and the most deeply nutritive formulas you will ever use.

Yes, you will experience smoother, tighter and more radiant skin from the first time you use them.

My products are created to heal and repair your skin from the inside out, and these formulas will improve any skin conditions from acne to environmental damage.

And yet, the power isn’t in a bottle or someone else’s hands.

The magic and power is in you.

It’s time to acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator and include your mind and spirit in every act you do for your body.

Every time you look in the mirror or apply products, you have an opportunity to affirm your magic and wonder.

What will it take for you to choose this conscious radiance and unveil the full-spectrum glow that lives within you?

Your skin tells the story of your life. Together, I invite you to embrace your journey and become TimeLight.

Love, Amy Wall ♥

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