Developing a truly transformative skin care routine starts with using clean, freshly-blended, bioavailable ingredients, applied with intention. Every week, you’ll learn how to read ingredient labels like a pro and understand what’s actually in the products you use at home. Learn to intentionally choose which skin care ingredients to avoid and which enriching nutrients to welcome into your new and improved skin care routine.

Affirming positive truths about who we are and how we feel while applying our skin care products has miraculous effects on the body’s ability to heal and transform from the inside out. Practicing self-care through skin care in this way enables true, lasting change to occur, radiating ageless beauty through every fiber of your being.

Using professional facial massage techniques as part of your skin care routine is essential to reaching the deepest layers of the skin and deepening the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. By practicing my methodology, you will learn several professional-level massage techniques to use at home and have access to all the massage tools I use to enact total beauty transformation.

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The I AM Method™ is my secret to total transformation.

It starts with ingredients...

Ingredients, chosen and applied with Intention, are the foundation of the I AM Method.

Learn which products contain ingredients that are best for your skin type.
(If you haven’t discovered your Skin Nature, take the quiz here!) If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by fine print ingredient labels full of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, or been worried your products were actually the CAUSE of your skin problems, it’s time to take back your power. In The Inner Circle Sisterhood, we bust myths about common synthetic fillers, share beauty stories, and do Q&A’s about the products you already have at home. When you join the Essential membership, you’ll gain access to the Sisterhood and learn everything I know about ingredients through my years of working alongside leading product formulators and scientists.

...then add in affirmations...

Add authentic positivity and loving kindness into your daily beauty routine.
Discovering YOUR truth-bearing affirmations takes practice, but the results are pure MAGIC.
Mindfully using positive affirmations, while intentionally applying your skincare products, will help you connect with the woman in the mirror and deepen your mindful beauty practice.

...then master facial massage.

Putting these three elements together completes the trinity of my mindful beauty method.
Professional facial massage techniques not only strengthen the physical, spiritual, and mental connection between the inner you and the outer you, but also maximize the efficacy of every beauty product you use.

Along your journey with me, you will learn facial tapping and lymphatic massage exercises to use as you apply your products. When you join the Inner Circle Membership, you’ll get access to all my facial massage tutorials, and receive a rose quartz gua sha massage tool and Love, Amy Signature Skincare™ Lipid Raindrops as your welcome gift! Using these tools daily as part of your massage practice will transform your skin from the outside in.

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