Routine To Ritual
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


Today I want to share with you a 3 Step Process for making magic out of the mundane. This process is actually the first iteration of the I AM Method. Over the years I have tweaked the steps to more specifically apply to skin care, but the original steps are just as effective as the updated ones. In fact, you can take these steps and apply them to anything. From your work day to dinner time prep, it’s all about the intention you bring to each moment.


The only thing separating a ritual from a routine is intention. Routines are created to give us stability and peace of mind. While rituals are created to bring new energy into our lives and add a dose of magic to otherwise mundane routines. And that magic is created by the intention you add to your everyday actions.

Intention is the decision to heal and grow purposefully through meaningful actions. I strongly believe ritualizing your facial routine is an effortless way to magnify efficacy and results. Not just in your appearance but in your mind, body, and spirit.


When ritualizing your routine stay in the present and be conscious during every step.

Tasks and habits we do every day get put on auto-pilot by our brain, thereby freeing up our energy for other thoughts and processes.

But when we do this we lose the magic that can be found in staying present and aware.

When we practice staying present we aren’t in judgment. We become aware of more than just what the task is. It takes on more dimension. More meaning.

Try it yourself. Think back to the last time you applied your moisturizer. What were the circumstances? Were you rushing out the door? Thinking of what to wear? Judging your face? Avoiding the mirror while quickly moving it around your face?

Now imagine yourself coming calmly to the mirror.
You pick up your skincare product and are grateful for these quality ingredients to work for you and with you.
You calmly and without judgement connect with yourself by looking into your own eyes.
You apply the luxurious formula evenly around your face feeling into the curves and hollows of your skin.
With your eyes closed, press in your fingers wherever your hands happen to be.
Press again more firmly.
Take a deep breath in.
Breath in all the possibility and the magic that you can BE.
Breath out any resistance to receiving that awareness.
Open your eyes.

How does it get better than that? Try it the next time you get ready for the day or for bed and note the difference in how you feel after.

No Tension:

Much of what is perceived as aging on the face is actually the result from years of habitual facial expressions and tension build up. Expressing causes facial lines to develop.

A facial ritual will help you break up the “masks” you wear in the world. Every time you touch your face with intention, you release the past stresses, doubts, and judgments you felt and expressed.

Start exploring what would happen if you allowed yourself to not express tension.

What is possible?

No Tension means no resistance.

No bracing, holding, scowling, squinting.

Soft and easy and open.

After performing your morning and evening ritual your face will naturally be restored to a state of grace. Allow yourself to continue embodying this peaceful feeling and relaxed state of being.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences below in the comments!

Love, Amy

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