Pigmentation 101
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


Black Lives Matter.

Black Estheticians Matter.

Black Skin Matters.

It’s on my heart and mind to call attention to one thing that we all share.

The one thing that’s at the center of the racial divide. 

The one thing that protects and surrounds us all.

Our skin.

Our skin’s color is dependent on what part of the world are ancestors originated from and how strong the sun is in that area. Pigment or Melanin is what creates the color in our skin, and the type of melanin we produce is dependent on our ethnicity.

In my exploration and acknowledgment of my privilege as a white woman, a white esthetician, and a white beauty industry influencer, I am taking the time, and investing the money to educate myself on matters of pigmentation, and I admit my education is lacking.

My education was not inclusive and my knowledge of multi-ethnic skin isn’t where it should be as an award-winning expert.

In order to bring more consciousness to the beauty industry, we must shine a light on the inequalities that exist and bring awareness to where we are holding racism in place.

We hold it in place when we don’t ask questions. We hold it in place when we are afraid to admit we don’t know something. We hold it in place when we refuse to become vulnerable. We hold it in place when we refuse to get uncomfortable.

I am willing to do and feel all of this and I am paying Black Estheticians to help educate me and the world on what is required to change this, and it starts with knowing more about our skin.

On tomorrow’s radio show, I interview Aliesh Pierce of www.askaliesh.com on matters of pigment, race, and being Black in the beauty industry.

I highly encourage everyone reading this to purchase her course PIGMENTATION 101 so that you can learn more about what unites us and how to appreciate the differences in all shades of skin.

Aliesh Pierce has been in the beauty business for over 30 years. She has served as the personal makeup artist and skin therapist to celebrities like Eva Mendez, Ming Na Wen, India Arie, and the Obamas. Since the day her then client, India Arie, prompted her to create her purpose statement, she knew she was here to “help women create their own unique definition of beauty…and men too". She helps Estheticians master a multi-ethnic approach to skincare, as it is the only way to truly be of service to an ever-changing, increasingly diverse population.

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