top 6 conscious products of 2020
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


Hey January!

As we near the end of this epic month in history, I decided to take a look back at 2020 and see what highlights I could find--and what stood out was the products I discovered.

Consciousness is trending and though “conscious” still is limited in definition to clean, sustainable and ethical, there are some stand-outs in the market that are including pure Source Energy, Spiritual Essence and Universal Awarenesses into the rituals of using and production.

What a time to be alive!

Conscious products are important because they help the earth; they help you be more grounded + higher vibed, and they act as allies in your day to day life.

These are the 7 favorites that I have added alongside my own consciously created facial formulas.

LOVE MAGICK by The Magick Brand

Why I love it: 

This supercharged elixir will change your life! 

It’s like tuning your whole body and energy field to a higher frequency. This super spray will tune you in your heart’s power and desire with Bulgarian Rose Otto, Frankincense  Colloidal Gold and Pearl Powder; Grapeseed and Magnesium oils; Atlantic, Dead and Himalayan Sea Salts; Rose Quartz, Malachite, Green Jade, Amazonite, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Prasiolite, Moonstone, Angelite and Spirit Quartz Gem essences; C-2 & F#-2 frequencies for heart and root chakras; structured with Scalar Energy & Hado Therapy; infused by Maha Mantras.

What makes it Conscious: 

The combination of salts, crystal essences, frequencies and mantras will immediately nutrify, balance  and reconnect your entire system. It’s Intuition Nutrition.

How I use it:

I spray my body, my heart, my space and my face on a daily basis.

Who makes it:

Lisa Erickson is a disrupter and transformer who is willing to surrender and trust to create what she values and loves. Her guiding principles are Transformation, Sovereignty, Autonomy, Integrity, Love and Higher Consciousness.

Where you can get it: The Magick Brand


Why I love it: 

This conscious medicine has changed the way I sleep. I take this every night before bed and have beautiful uninterrupted sleep and dreams. My former life of trauma and drama left me with adrenal issues and cortisol spikes and this tincture has balanced and healed my ability to rest and repair at night.

What makes it Conscious: 

Every Herbal plant they put into their formulas speaks to them and shows a pathway for the humans of this world to find more peace, love and joy in their hearts. The plants teach them how to combine each herb with a specific ratio to create a spiritual healing for the person who consumes their intentional medicines.

How I use it:

I take 2 pumps on my tongue every night before bed.

Who makes it: 

Scarlet Ravin, Founder/CEO/Alchemist is a Star Seed Spirit with an eye for the unseen. She spends her time with her animals, nature and the fully active spirit world that expands her horizons. She is a Seer and Guide for our unlimited potential and expansion.

Where you can get it: White Fox Medicine 

NEW WASH by HairStory

Why I love it: 

Friends, I have been studying the ingredients in my shampoo bottles since 1983 and I am a low-key hair obsessed individual. I have been searching for a holy grail hair product my whole life and I finally found it!

What makes it Conscious:

This company took a look at the hair care industry and made bold moves for the highest good of the customer and the hairstylist in a way I haven’t see any other company do. Call me a fan for life. Ill never use another shampoo in my life. BOOM.

How I use it: I use the Rich New Wash a few times a week and their balm for styling. My curls are hydrated and it’s like I have a new head of hair.

Who makes it: 

The Hairstory staff is a well-balanced mix of analytical and creative minds who asked some provocative questions about hair care and came up with some surprising answers: Is shampoo the best way to wash? (No. It’s the worst.) Why are there so many shampoos for every type imaginable? (More stuff = more revenue.) How many hair products do the best hairdressers in the world actually need? (About 6, tops.)

They also invented a new way to sell products: No regional distributors; no bulk sales to salon owners; no big-box retailers or goliath e-tailers. To our knowledge, we are the first to reward hairdressing professionals for referring other professionals to sell our products. This is a breakthrough that could change an entire industry.

Where you can get it: HAIRSTORY 

LED Mask by ZAQ

Why I love it: 

It’s light and portable and easy to use and clean and it CHANGES MY SKIN!

What makes it Conscious:

Combining LED light therapy with meditation, or in this case my TimeLight Pulse Activation, allows you to use your own consciousness in combination with the consciousness that lives inside each one of your cells.

LED frequencies stimulate your mitochondria, which are the ancient bacteria that powers your cells and have their own DNA. They are responsible for creating cellular energy via an enzyme called ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) and that allows you to rapidly regenerate your tissues and organs. 

How I use it: 

Weekly in a ritual combined with my TimeLight Pulse-my  mind, body, spirit and  skin activation.

Who makes it: 

My friend Talha Manier, who sources the world for the best technology and family makers of crystal gemstone tools.

Where you can get it: ZAQ.COM

SKIN GLOW by Dr. Janine Mahon

Why I love it: 

It’s internal and internal elixir formulated to revitalize skin, promoting a glowing complexion from the inside out. Formulated by Dr. Janine Mahon using premium Chinese medicinal herbs, known for centuries to moisten, brighten, and heal skin. Boosts energy and calms the spirit.

What makes it Conscious:

Dr. Mahon’s products are imbued with the wisdom of generations of Chinese Medical Doctors in Taiwan and are infused with wisdom that nurture’s and awakens the Qi of your own well-being.

How I use it: 

I put a few drops in my water before going to sleep or any other time I am entering into reflection. HOT TIP: All of her products are amazing. You must try her Libido Vita and Rejuvenating Breast Oil, which are also in my weekly ritual roster.

Who makes it:

Dr. Janine Mahon is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a fellow child of the Mendocino Coast. She resides in New Mexico where she handcrafts each topical and internal spirit and soul medicine.

Where you can get it: She can be found at  Violet Grey and Dr. Janine Mahon

TONIK by Cult and King

Why I love it: 

It smells like a fresh herb garden and is invigorating and stimulating,

Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp, follicle, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. Also ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS ROCK. You must try the setting spray too! 

What makes it Conscious:

They put their products in gorgeous glass and wood packaging that you only buy once. After that you get refills in minimally packaged refill pouches that cost less and save the planet. WIN WIN. Add your own consciousness to the act of touching you beautiful head with the beautiful bottles.

How I use it

I use it right after the shower to condition and stimulate my scalp. SO TINGLY!

Who makes it: Cult and King.  All of their decisions are based around three things; defending the planet, supporting independent salons and barbershops, and making people look rad without poisoning them in the process.

Where you can get itCult & King

Keijiwa Rose Ormus

Why I love it: 

I am streaming light codes for myself, my business and my clients on a daily basis. This product plugs me into the electrical nature of life and allows me to reconnect with my divine source nature. These Ormus minerals are necessary to all life and bringing higher concentrations of this miraculous substance into your body results in more liveliness, light, and energy.  

With the high-frequency infusion of Rose Damascena, this elixir gives you a joyous amplification into the expanded heart of love and a pristine activation into higher states of consciousness.

Ormus has the capability to uplift & assist brain function, boost energy, regenerate DNA, repair effects of aging, create longevity, enliven cells, support healthy tissue in the heart, boost the endocrine, immune & nervous systems, fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and allow effective rejuvenating sleep as well as more vivid and lucid dreamtime.

What makes it Conscious: 

Ormus is a sacred substance that is highly sensitive to energy and amplifies any intentions set with it. They highly recommend that you honor this bottle with a special place on your altar and infuse every dose with your prayers.

Use before meditating to open your Pineal Gland for a deeper grounding and stronger connection to your intuition. Use in Ceremony to support spiritual evolution by offering you the ability to transcend limiting beliefs and rewire subconscious thoughts.

How I use it:

I use this product before I do client calls, before Pulse Activations, and any time I am craving connection with Source.

Who makes it:

Monica Merino is the Steward and Alchemist for Kejiwa. She assists healers, lightworkers, teachers and guides with care-full discernment, detoxing our bodies, clearing & aligning our energy, raising our frequency, balancing body-soul-spirit, optimizing mind and leveraging our time so that we may live a fulfilling life aligned with our soul’s essence.

Where you can get it: Kejiwa Store


I hope you have a chance to try some or all of these products and feel the difference that conscious products can make in your life. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and leave a comment!

**Both hair products contain the affiliate links of my stylists- which is how these products are intended to be sold** Let’s share the love.

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