The Time is Now
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


Hi friend, it hit me recently that age is the greatest scarcity mindset of them all.

Counting years and ‘watch’ing time, as if they were grains of sand slowly ticking away the hours and minutes until we eventually run out...⏳

The notion that “Beauty” is a specific type of expression-free smoothness that we must have had somewhere in our twenties, is another form of scarcity that I see perpetrated in social media and by the greater beauty industry, at large.

(BTW young people’s faces move) 

By my estimation, almost every product or service marketed as “anti-aging” is really designed to freeze you, or ideally, take you back in time.

If it’s true that everything we see on our face in the present, is a result of something we did, felt, experienced, or expressed in the past--what we’re really trying to do with any beauty product or service is to create a better and more beautiful future for ourselves/our cells.

What if we stopped thinking about time at all, and became deliciously present with what is NOW?

NOW isn't scarce. Now is NEVER RUNNING OUT! 

Every season, every minute of your life, is happening right NOW.

Better yet, if you become skilled at enjoying your NOW, you will have less obsession about the past and the future.

Real life example: Remember when you felt you were hideous in high school in some way? 

Maybe you felt fat and when you looked back at pictures of yourself you realized how perfect you really were. 

NOW is like that too. We can't go back to how we were but we can appreciate ourselves right NOW. 

{IMPORTANT QUESTION: What would have changed about your teenage years and subsequent twenties if you knew in your bones how perfect and worthy you were? }

If we don’t take time to delight in ourselves NOW, chances are we will look back and wished we had. It’s a recipe for regret and heavy time.

When we practice being here NOW, we are automatically able to let go of past patterns that don't serve us, and the future isn’t something we worry about. We are always just in each moment of our lives and when we do this...Time actually slows down becomes more abundant. 

Neuro Science News did a great article that explains it in more detail here >>>

As someone who teaches, mentors and guides women on how to 1.experience the feeling of beautiful 2. Have glowing radiant skin 3. Deeply love the woman they see in the mirror, on a daily basis, this conversation about scarcity and abundance in beauty and time is so important.

It might just be a mindset shift, and won't cost you anything, but could absolutely change everything in your world.

I love you! 


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