Everyday Rituals For Your Best Life
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


One of my favorite sayings is “You are the missing ingredient in all of your skincare products”.

My awareness about beauty products and practices is that *most* of us rush through the process; some of us (not me!) get monthly treatments with a professional, and all of us are looking for more results from the products we are investing in.

What I have noticed through my years of performing facials, and speaking to women about their homecare habits, is that most are starved for time and just the act of getting the basics in and on is a feat unto itself.

As they and their children grow older, they suddenly have more time and resources to care for themselves, but often, the effects of years of neglect have taken their toll, and monthly facials and haphazard skincare products aren't going to get them where they want to go.

Out of the thousands of women I have consulted about their skin- not one told me she used intention and mindfulness when working with her skincare products and the mirror.

This led me to create my I AM Method a 2-3 minute super-charged, daily ritual.

My own personal skincare practice is in part, what led me to create the TimeLight® method.

Being the busy entrepreneur, and dog mom ( lookup Belgian Malinois; I have TWO ) that I am, I wasn’t getting regular facials.

Yes, I did self-care appointments, but when I went to book something, it was always a body massage. I don't know about you, but to me, body MASSAGE IS LIFE.

So when it came to taking care of my skin, I gave *myself* a facial!

Conveniently, I have the most incredible,  adorable, magical, She Shed Spa in my backyard, where I have everything you’d get at the best spas around the world.

Led, Peptides, Enzymes, Massage tools etc.

Giving myself a facial every week was transforming!

I listened to meditations with my mask on, hung out amongst my crystals and just spent time with ME.

That was my lightbulb moment!

This has all led to me to my belief that a good skin care practice has a daily component that should be simple and effective- my I AM method.

AND a weekly component, TimeLight®, that allows for closer connection to self, and includes professional quality products and tools, that will quantum leap the results of everything else you are doing for your skin!

The only thing separating a ritual from a routine is intention.

There is absolute magic in slowing down and turning inward.

As one of the top skincare professionals in the country, I am uniquely qualified to assist and advise you on what is best for your skin.

As a lifelong seeker, energy healer, and personal development devotee, I am devoted to helping you live your best life with the products, tools, techniques that will get you there.

Are you ready to love who you see in the mirror?

Come join me on this magical journey, the best is yet to be!

Love, Amy

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