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When I set out on the twisty and winding road to making my skincare line, one question kept reverberating in my head: Does the world need another skincare product? It seems I see "the new best skincare product" or a new skin care line announced almost daily. A new breakthrough wrinkle fighter. A cleaner product line. A safer skincare line. A celebrity product line. A cheap line, a luxury line, an organic line... The list goes on.

Celebrities that have aged well, namely Christie Brinkley, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba, each have their signature skincare lines. Cindy Crawford has now become the Grande Dame of celebrity skincare. Frankly these ladies would have a damn good chance of wooing me if I didn’t already have a backstage pass into the skincare industry. Jessica Alba's website alone gets my heartbeat racing. Unfortunately, upon review of the ingredient list of her "Younger Face" cream, the beat slowed. Her product does not contain anything offensive to the bloodstream, but it also has nothing to give me a lift.

If celebrity skincare doesn’t have the ingredients our aging faces need, where on earth are we supposed to find them?

Where do you get your skin care products? The grocery store, the department store, your neighbor’s multi-level marketing company, the health food store, Amazon, the spa; your Esthetician? Or maybe, the Farmer’s market or from your yoga teacher? The point is, you can procure skincare products of varying degrees of quality, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. So, that leads me back to the fundamental question:

Does the world need another skincare product? 

The answer is no. Not really. The largest challenge most women face when considering their options is not knowing what to look for when purchasing, and then not knowing how to apply their products for maximum efficacy. It’s crazy to think most women are buying their skincare products based solely on marketing claims! We intuitively understand that this is all just smoke and mirrors.

The lure of being able to transform into a younger, prettier version of ourselves by the application of a cream or a spritz of a spray, is an idealistic notion basically ingrained in our DNA. The idea that “the next new thing will finally be the one I’ve been waiting for” tugs at every fairytale princess fantasy and mythical story of miraculous transformation we've grown up with. There’s nothing like that thrilling feeling of opening up a new jar of moisturizer... You might as well rebrand it as your Hopes and Dreams Cream.

So, how in the world are we supposed to know what the best skincare products are?

The issue of not knowing what products have the best chance of working for you is a complex one. We have the internet: where smart people are often misinformed. We have the FDA that doesn't regulate the use of words like "Natural" and "Organic". We have GreenWashing, fear-based, lobbyist organizations like the EWG, and we have the mainstream media that continually feeds us a steady stream of “Look Look! Something new!” and that One Weird Trick that will tighten our saggy eyes. Almost every woman I polled about the state of her bathroom cabinet, responded that she has only a very vague idea of what her products are and what they are supposed to do.
Now, this is OK, if all you are after is basic cleansing and moisturizing. It's also fine if you are 100% OK with the way your face is oxidizing. If so, don’t change a thing. You keep on doing what you're doing. But, if you expect performance from your products and want to stop wasting money on ineffective and costly skincare, I’m here to help. (Bonus: Once you start buying with a strategy, you are going to free up an enormous amount of drawer space in your bathroom!)

The Hero of Your Skincare Story

With all of these dynamics in mind, I knew I had to do something, so I set out to create a non-toxic and nutritional product line that would create real change in your skin and most importantly, allow a shift in your mindset about beauty. While the world doesn't need another skincare product, the world does need a better way to buy them and apply them.

I am passionate about clean, active ingredients that work, and I am even more passionate about teaching you what these ingredients are and how to read the label of your products. From here on out, you will have the insider's edge when making a skincare purchase decision!

Working for the skincare industry's top formulator and ingredient manufacturer gave me the keys to understanding what works, and what is just marketing and hype. Joining my skincare movement (scratch that, it’s a full blown revolution!) grants you access behind the curtain and empowers you to know what you are buying and putting on your face. Stop being at the mercy of a brand's marketing message and read between the lines of a label's promise.

Join Me! 

Becoming an informed consumer via my knowledge and education will also be super fun. Here are some things you can expect to never see from me:
  1. I will not be scaring you with lists of highly-toxic ingredients.
  2. I will not be shaming you into using products you don't need.
My message is positive, informative, and inspirational; that is my pledge to you.

In addition to real talk about skincare ingredients, I'm going to teach you a powerful application method which will supercharge even the most basic skin care cream you already use. Learning all this will start connecting you with YOU. Creating a positive relationship with the person you see in the mirror is far and away more important to me than removing the wrinkles in your skin that show a lifetime of smiles and surprise. You keep on smiling woman!

I am going to show you how using your skincare products is an opportunity to practice self-care that will change your life in the most fundamental and profound way. I know you want to feel beautiful, have more radiant skin and love what you see in the mirror on a daily basis. And I am going to be right here rooting for you along your journey.

The I AM Personal Plan™ is a revolutionary mind-body approach to beauty—a synthesis of intention and ingredients that transforms you from the inside out and teaches you how to love yourself. By replacing complicated regimens with a simple ritual that is created specifically for you, we illuminate your skin and spirit in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Introducing The Ageless Radiance Collection from Love, Amy Signature Skincare and the I AM Personal Plan™.

The world is ready. Are you?


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