10 Keys to Ageless, Conscious, and Mindful Beauty
Amy Wall

Award Winning skin expert & conscious Beauty Evangelist


If you are just beginning your journey from being a Worried Ager to becoming an Ageless Wonder, here are 10 keys to get you started.

  1. Use a ritual not just a routine. Ageless Wonders add intention, focus and awareness to their daily skincare practice, while Aging Worriers go through the motions in a routine.
  1. Get the best return on your #skinvestment by keeping your current products on a beautiful tray or basket out where you can see them. Products that stay in drawers or cabinets are less likely to be used, and more likely to expire and lose potency.
  1. Prevent product overwhelm and practice sustainability. Donate/return/recycle products as soon as you decide they don’t work, and finish each new product before starting a new one. You can mix brands but commit to a sequence for the best results with the least amount of products.
  1. Maximize your results by purchasing products based on the ingredients, rather than brand names. Three core change-makers to look for are: slow-release Vitamin A ( Retinaldehyde), fresh and active Vitamin C ( L-Ascorbic Acid), and Peptides ( Argireline).
  1. Peace starts within. Be kind to the woman you see in the mirror while applying facial formulas. Hold a loving presence with your reflection, and let judgements pass by without attachment. This is a practice, and you never have to be perfect!
  1. Enhance your skin's flow and stimulate more glow: give yourself a mini-massage each time you use your products. For best results, perform during serum application. I love tapping massage (tapotement) for its ability to turn on the energy pathways in the body, help penetrate products via piezoelectricity and create positive emotional anchors in the skin.
  1. Build your self-confidence and install new neural pathways while you apply your products and look in the mirror: repeat two I AM statements while performing your tapping massage. Choose one that is an internal state,and one that is an external state. For example: “I am focused”, and “I am radiant”.
  1. Connect with your Self-Image on a daily basis by using inner images and powerful feeling states: visualize your desired state and then feel it deeply in your body as if it had already happened. This allows your self-image to powerfully guide you to your next level of results.
  1. Go easy on yourself. Remember there's always the next moment. Self-criticism is more detrimental to your face than forgetting to wash it. 
  1. Elevate your Self-acceptance, and Self Image by practicing meditative beauty. Be intentional, mindful, clear, conscious and present when you are touching your face and looking in the mirror. Your cells and inner Self are listening.

Ageless, Mindful and Conscious Beauty is the result of nurturing your mind, body, skin and Self on a daily basis. 

This practice will begin to break you free from the beauty matrix and give you a head start on becoming sovereign from cultural norms and expectations around aging faces.

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you and nothing to get right either. 

These shifts are easy and make growing older fun and fear-free. 

You’ll still see changes every year, but these changes will be welcomed because you have been creating them all along.

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